HTLT was created for one mission:

To help you train Harder Than Last Time!

Greg Doucette, IFBB Pro


IFBB Pro and long-time coach, Greg Doucette is one of the most trusted names in the fitness industry.  Greg's famous tagline of "Harder Than Last Time" is the inspiration of HTLT, helping fuel our customers to work hard towards a better version of themself.

Eric Janicki, IFBB Pro


Meet Eric Janicki, a renowned online influencer and bodybuilder with a passion for fitness and performance. Eric is now a proud owner and key figure at HTLT, a company founded by the legendary Greg Doucette. With his extensive experience and dedication to the fitness industry, Eric is committed to elevating HTLT to new heights, driving innovation, and inspiring the community to achieve their fitness goals. Stay tuned as Eric and HTLT continue to bring scientifically backed supplements and transformative fitness strategies to enthusiasts worldwide.